Entries in Scrub Basketball Series.

The scrub basketball series, for which twelve teams have been entered, will begin on Tuesday. The teams are: The Four-Flushers, Dead Beats, Green Peas, Waltz-Dreams, Sam Walters, Hard Hitters, Two-Steppers, Little Cherubs, Basket-Bawlers, No-Names, and two teams composed of men entered individually.

The series will be conducted under the following rules:

1. No men shall play on more than one team.

2. Games will be played under the intercollegiate rules.

3. The halves will be 15 minutes for preliminary games and 20 minutes for final game.


4. Officials will be appointed and balls furnished by the management.

5. Any team not ready to play 10 minutes after scheduled time will for felt the game.

6. Six cut will be awarded to the team winning the series.

7. The management reserves the right to pass on all points not covered by these rules.