Princeton Swimming Meet Tonight

The University swimming and waterpolo teams will meet Princeton in a dual meet at Princeton this evening at 8 o'clock. In the only meet held so far this season Princeton defeated Columbia, 39 to 19, winning the water-polo game 1 to 0. This is the University team's first meet this winter, so that little is known of their ability.

The entries are as follows:

50-yard dash--Harvard: R. F. Hoyt '10, R. W. Cutler '11; Princeton: J. W. Chambers '09, E. E. Dennison '10.

100-yard swim--Harvard: R. W. Cutler '11, L. Withington '11; Princeton: F. C. Bamman '10, J. W. Chambers '09.

220-yard swim--Harvard: T. G. Aspinwall '10, R. W. Cutler '11; Princeton: J. W. Chambers '09, W. G. Hazen '10.

Plunge for distance--Harvard: J. B. Estabrook '11, L. Withington '11; Princeton: C. Hawley '10, L. M. Woehr '10.

Fancy diving--Harvard: R. E. Hoyt '10, E. H. Jose '10; Princeton: L. T. Parke '10, Stern.

Water-polo teams--Harvard: H. A. Allen '10, H. Hooper '10; E. H. Jose '10, J. W. B. Ladd '10, B. A. Merriam '09, J. S. Reed '10, L. Withington '11; Princeton: J. W. Chambers '09, F. C. Bamman '10, E. E. Denniston '10, T. W. Janeway '10, A. Rheinstein '11, Medina.