Business School Lecturers

The following is a complete list of the men who have been engaged up to the present time to give special instruction in the Graduate School of Business Administration during the remainder of the academic year:

Business 17, Industrial Organization--C. G. L. Barth, expert in industrial organization. E. J. Bliss, treasurer and managing director of the Regal Shoe company, Boston. H. E. Davidson, president of the Library Bureau, Boston. J. O. Fagan, signalman, Boston and Maine Railroad, Cambridge. A. C. Humphreys, president of the Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. H. F. J. Porter, consulting industrial engineer, New York. R. Robb of Stone and Webster, managers of public service corporations, Boston. J. E. Sterrett of Dickinson, Wilmot and Sterrett, accountants, New York. F. W. Taylor, consulting mechanical engineer, expert in industrial organization, and ex-president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Business 25, Corporation Finance--C. C. Burlingham '79 of Wing, Putnam and Burlingham, attorneys, New York. A. H. Joline of Joline, Larkin and Rathbone, attorneys, New York; and president of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway of Texas. T. W. Lamont '92 of the First National Bank, New York.

Business 27, Railroad Organization and Finance--W. C. Hope, general passenger agent of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, New York City.

Business 29, The Railroad and the Shipper--Hon. M. A. Knapp, chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Washington, D. C.


Business 32a, Fire Insurance--F. G. Macomber, insurance broker, Boston. G. L. Shepley, insurance broker, Providence, R. I.