Review of Week's Class Rowing

During the past week considerable progress has been made in class rowing, the orders of the crews gradually becoming more settled and the work assuming a more serious aspect throughout. Coach Brown has had charge of the Senior and Junior crews and Coach Stevenson of the Sophomores.

The work of the Senior and Junior crews has consisted of short paddles down-stream under the supervision of Coach Brown from the coxswain's seat or a single. The Sophomores, have been taking much longer rows, coached by Stevenson from the launch. So far the Junior crew has shown by far the best form, having several men of experience in the boat. The Sophomores have also been improving rapidly. The Senior crew has suffered much from lack of material, and consequently is at present rowing poorly. The weather so far has been favorable for so early in the season, and the development of the crews fair.

The crews rowed in the following order yesterday:

Senior crew -- Stroke, Cutler; 7, Vaughan; 6, Haines; 5, Tabor; 4, Turner; 3, Curtiss; 2, Scheel; bow, Locke; cox., Edwards.

Junior crew--Stroke, Martin; 7, Hadden; 6, Hill; 5, Platt; 4, Frye; 3, Chapin; 2, Maxwell; bow, Morgan; cox., Atkins.


Second Junior--Stroke, Robins; 7, Davis; 6, Cudahy; 5, Henderson; 4, Meyer; 3, Cummings; 2, Hill; bow, Cammack; cox., Chandler.

Third Junior-Stroke, Newton; 7, Day; 6, Steele; 5, Richardson; 4, Brady; 3, Comstock; 2, Wambaugh; bow, Washburn; cox., Bradford.

Sophomore crew--Stroke, Peabody; 7, Perkins; 6, Ellis; 5, Coe; 4, Beal; 3, Hobart; 2, Hopkins; bow, Burden; cox., Everett.

Second Sophomore--Stroke, Williams; 7, Wells; 6, Thompson; 5, Osgood; 4, Jackson; 3, Kean; 2, Gilbert; bow, Baird; cox., Cox