The Obnoxious Two-Period Rule.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I have noticed with very great pleasure a campaign against the present evils of the athletic administration. The most flagrant of these is the so-called two period rule, which seems to me to defeat its own end. The apparent object of this regulation is to prevent the undergraduates from indulging in sports to the neglect of their studies. It prevents men from competing in three different seasons, not in three different sports. One of the peculiar results is that a person can in one year be a member of the football, the baseball and the track teams, whereas he cannot compete in football, swimming and track in the same College year. If there is any benefit obtained I should like very much to have it pointed out. Almost without exception the minor sports require only an hour a day of practice. Let me assure those who framed this rule, that this one hour subtracted from the study hours of the athlete in question can make no apparent difference in the competitor's College standing, and by this rule we cannot compete on even terms with our opponents in the minor sports.

Aside from this, the honor of representing the University in any sport is an incentive to study. The undergraduate members of this institution do not regard too favorably a man with athletic ability who fails to meet the requirements of the College office.

If there must be a rule regulating the number of sports in which any one person can compete, why not have a wise one? Why seriously handicap our winter sports and why force the athlete to take his exercise or his amusement in some form which may not be of benefit to him, and can be of no benefit to the University? "Ecrasez l'infame" and if we must have regulation, pray let it be wise.  SENIOR


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