Juniors Won Interclass Shoot

By a margin of seven birds the Juniors won the interclass shoot on Soldiers Field Saturday, with a total of 154. The 1910 team shot consistently throughout. The Freshmen were second with a total of 147 birds, the Seniors followed with 130, and the Sophomores were last with 101 birds. As the Seniors did not have enough men to make up a team, Field was allowed to shoot twice. Each man shot at 50 birds, in strings of 25, and Lewis of the Freshman team was high man with two shoots of 21, a total of 42 birds. The conditions for the shoot were very poor, as there was a high wind which prevented good scores.

The score:

1909--Field 37, Field 32, Primley 31, Gilman 30; total 130.

1910--Hauthaway 41, Higginson 41, Brewer 37, Morse 35; total 154.

1911--Storer 36, Babcock 28, Ayer 26, Miller 11; total 101.


1912--Lewis 42, Mixter 37, Redway 36, Heard 32; total 147.