Seniors Won Fencing Tournament

The Seniors won the interclass fencing tournament, held in the Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon, by defeating their opponents in every bout. The preliminaries were fenced off on Friday. The Sophomores won 9 and lost 9, and the Freshmen lost 12 contested bouts, and 6 by the default of the third member of the team. The Juniors were not represented. The bouts between Cutting and Hunt, and those between Barroll and MacLaughlin, and between Webber and Stern were the most evenly contested.

The teams were composed as follows:

1909--L. Barroll, G. L. Cutting, H. A. Erhard, W. G. Webber, substitute.

1911--W. Hunt, J. A. MacLaughlin, T. H. Wilbur.

1912--M. W. Boyd, N. S. Stern.


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