Tonight at 8 in Brookline Tank, at Open Carnival of Swimming Club.

The University swimming and water-polo teams will meet Yale this evening at 8 o'clock in the annual dual meet, at the Brookline swimming tank. In addition to the water-polo game, and the individual competition events, there will be two relay races, between Harvard and Yale University teams and the Freshman teams respectively.

The University team has some good swimmers in R. W. Cutler '11, R. F. Hoyt '10, and T. G. Aspinwall '10. The times made in the Princeton meet were fast and the showing of the University team creditable, although Princeton won the meet, 30 to 23. The water-polo team has been greatly handicapped by lack of practice. The Freshman relay team has raced only in the class games, in which its showing was mediocre.

In addition to the regular events of the dual meet the Brookline Swimming Club has arranged for the following open events: 50-yard handicap; 80-yard novice, national championship A. A. U. plunge, 160-yard handicap, fancy diving, comic costume race, and a special exhibition of fancy diving by J. B. Green of the Brookline Swimming Club.

The entries of the Harvard and Yale teams are as follows:

50-yard swim--Harvard: R. W. Cutler '11, R. F. Hoyt '10; Yale: L. G. Day, E. C. M. Richards.


100-yard swim--Harvard: R. W. Cutler '11, L. Withington '11; Yale: E. C. M. Richards, F. Winslow.

220-yard swim--Harvard: T. G. Aspinwall '10, R. W. Cutler '11; Yale: H. S. Palmer, J. C. Stoddart.

Relay race--Harvard: T. G. Aspinwall '10, R. W. Cutler '11, R. F. Hoyt. '10, L. Withington '11; Yale: W. Howe, E. C. M. Richards, J. C. Stoddart, F. Winslow.

Fancy diving--Harvard: A. S. Burnham '11, E. H. Jose '10; Yale: M. C. Hughes, J. C. Stoddart.

Plunge for distance--Harvard: E. H. Jose '10, L. Withington; Yale: F. G. Grant, H. B. Reid.

Relay race--Harvard 1912 vs. Yale 1912--Harvard: W. G. Codman, J. R. Desha, F. C. Gray, B. Pitman; Yale; J. Bowman, L. G. Day, P. T. Orthwein, H. S. Palmer.

Water-polo--Harvard: H. A. Allen '10, R. G. Henderson '10, H. Hooper '10, J. W. B. Ladd '10, B. A. Merriam '09, J. S. Reed '10; Yale: S. B. Gorky, W. Howe. H. N. Otis, P. J. Orthwein, P. D. Princell, E. C. M. Richards, F. Webb. Substitutes--Harvard: E. H. Jose '10, L. Withington '11.