Union "Participating Life Members"

To induce more students to become life members of the Union before leaving the University, a plan has been proposed, so arranged that students may pay their dues for life membership by installments, instead of in a lump sum of $50. The proposal is due to the fact that many Seniors, owing to the expenses connected with graduation, do not feel able to pay the entire dues at that time. In this way, provided students pay their installments regularly, they may obtain all the privileges of life membership, under the title of "participating life members." To effect this alteration the following amendments have been proposed:

"Voted, That the Constitution be, and hereby is, amended by inserting after Section 5, Article VII, the following: Participating Life Members. A student finally leaving the University may become a participating life member upon payment of $10, at the time of application for such membership, and by signing at the same time an agreement to pay within the period of four years thereafter, $40, in annual installments of not less than $10 each;

A participating life member, upon payment of the last installment to complete the required fee of $50, shall, thereupon, become a life member;

"A participating life member who in any one of the four years, after due notice, fails to pay such sum as together with sums previously paid by him for such membership, shall be equal to $10 for each year he has been a participating life member, shall thereupon, ipso facto, cease to be a member of the Union, and the payments made by him shall be deemed payment for dues for the period during which he was a participating life member.

"And voted, That Section 7, Article VII, which reads, All Active and Life Members shall have the right to vote, shall be, and hereby is, amended to read, 'All Active, Life, and Participating Life Members shall have the right to vote'."