University Calendar

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

Friday, April 2.

*MORNING PRAYERS. Rev. Layman Abbott, D.D. Appleton Chapel, 8.45 A. M.

Last day for receiving application for College rooms for 1909-10.

**CERCLE FRANCAID LECTURES. "Moliere." I. Professor Lefranc. New Lecture Hall. 4 P. M. Admission by ticket until five minutes before the beginning of the lecture; after that time open to the public.

**LECTURES ON THE ETHICS OF ZIONISM. I. "The Ethical Basis of Political Endeavor." Dr. H. M. Kallen. Emerson F. 4.30 P. M.

**GODKIN LECTURES, III. "The Democratic Mistake." Mr. Arthur G. Sedgwick '64. Emerson D. 8 P. M.

**DIVINITY SCHOOL. Service with Preaching. Mr. I. P. Kellogg, Jr. Divinity Chapel, 8 P. M.