Promising Work Done Yesterday.--Entries for Meet with Andover.

Although no times were given out, the trial contests for the Freshman track team to compete against Andover, next Saturday, held on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon, were very satisfactory. In the 100-yard dash two heats were run; the first was won by P.C. Cummin, with K.S. Billings and C.F. Averill, second and third, respectively. D.P. Ranney was first in the second heat, W. Oyler, second, and C.O. Pengra, third. No final heat was run. The 220-yard dash was won by K.S. Billings, with D.P. Ranney and A.R. Dupont, second and third. In the 880-yard run, W.H. Fernald, P.R. Withington, and S.H. Bowles finished in the above order. The one-mile run was won by W.H. Lacey, R.H. Rowse was second, and S.B. Warner, third.

There were no regular trials in the field events as Coach Quinn has kept close record of his men in practice competitions.

As a result of these trial contests the following have been entered in the Andover meet:

100-yard dash--Averill, Billings, Cummin.

220-yard dash--Averill, Billings, Cummin.


440-yard dash--Cummin, Fernald, Ranney.

880-yard run--Bowles, Fernald, Withington.

Mile run--Lacey, Rowse, Warner.

120-yard hurdles--Dupont, Frothingham, Yarnall.

220-yard hurdles--Dupont, Eaton.

High jump--I. Bolton, Frothingham, Keay, Perkins.

Broad jump--Frothingham, Keay, Torrey, de Windt.

Pole-vault -- King, Leslie, Torrey, de Windt.

Shot-put--Leslie, Pratt.

12-pound hammer-throw -- Douglas, Parker.