A Freshman Class Album.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The complaint is frequently put forth that good fellowship and broad acquaintance among Harvard undergraduates are lacking. That there is some truth in this complaint few will deny. And though we have labored patiently to avoid this evil, the various schemes and methods thus far proposed and tried out have not been particularly successful; especially have the class meetings and smokers been ineffective. Now there is one conspicuous reason for this, namely, our inability to remember for this, namely, our inability to remember so many strange names presented to us at one time. For most of us it is comparatively easy to remember strange faces, but few of us can associate with those strange faces the proper names. With this distressing fact removed our success in coping with the perplexing problem of "college spirit" would be greatly augmented.

The remedy I have to suggest is simple. Let each class, during the Freshman year, and as early as possible after the class matriculates, prepare an album similar to the annual Senior Class Album. It might contain the individual photographs of the members of the class, their names, home address and preparatory school. By frequent reference to this guide a Freshman would readily memorize the names of those of his class-mates with whom he comes in contact in the lecture halls and at class functions; and at the end of the year he ought to be on speaking terms with almost all the men in his class. In addition to this benefit, there are numerous other practical ends which such a book would serve. I believe there is a distinct need at Harvard for this dictionary of faces. KARL F. BRILL '08.


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