Class Crew Orders Still Unsettled

With only two weeks more work on the river before the class races which come on Saturday, May 15, the orders of the upperclass crews have been repeatedly changed and are still unsettled, although it seems likely that they will be permanently settled by the beginning of next week. All the crews have been greatly handicapped by the fact that the "John Harvard" has been away for over two weeks in order to have a new boiler put in, which made it impossible for Coaches Brown and Stevenson to coach their crews for long distances, as the "Veritas" was used by Coach Wray.

The Senior crew lost Butler, who is sick, in the middle of the week. R. G. Crandall '09, who rowed No. 2 in his Freshman crew, reported for the first time on Wednesday. The crew is inclined to be short when rowing high, but the men are heavy and there seems to be much power in the boat. The Juniors have made many changes. Shepley has replaced Morgan at bow, Maxwell has gone from No. 2 to 6, Cudahy has gone from No. 6 to 4, and Frye has gone in at No. 2. Hill, who has been out for a few days, is expected back today. Coach Brown has been laying special emphasis on the control of the slides, and the crew went very well yesterday. In the Sophomore crew, Coe has moved from No. 3 to 5, Jackson has gone in at No. 3, and Ellis rowed No. 2 yesterday in the absence of Peabody, who is expected back today. This crew seems to have finally settled upon a good order, the body swing is good with a strong finish, and all the work is very snappy, although at times the crew is not well together.

The orders of the crews yesterday:

1909--Stroke, Ellis; 7, Richards; 6, Haines; 5, Richardson; 4, Crandall; 3, Wood; 2, Tabor; bow, Williams; cox., Edwards.

1910--Stroke, Martin; 7, Hadden; 6, Maxwell; 5, Platt; 4, Cudahy; 3, Macleod; 2, Frye; bow, Shepley; cox., Atkins.


1911--Stroke, Eliot; 7, Jowett; 6, Beal; 5, Coe; 4, Thompson; 3, Jackson; 2, Ellis; bow, Shillito; cox., Fales.