Prof. Meyer Comes Here.--Prof. G. F. Moore Goes to University of Berlin.

At a meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, held on April 26, the appointment of Professor Edward Meyer, of the University of Berlin, as Visiting Professor in Ancient History, for the year of 1909-1910, was approved. Professor Meyer's term of service will fall in the first half-year.

Professor Meyer studied at the Universities of Bonn and Leipzig, later, in 1875, was given the degree of Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig, and in 1907. Oxford University conferred on him the degree of Litt.D. He was appointed Privat-dozent in ancient history at the University of Leipzig in 1879. In 1884 Professor Meyer was named Ausserordentlicher Professor of ancient history in that university, and in the following year he accepted the chair of ancient history at the University of Breslau. He remained there for four years, and then went to the University of Halle, where he remained until 1902, in which year he was made professor of ancient history at the University of Berlin, the position which he now holds.

Professor G. F. Moore to Go to Germany.

Professor George Foot More, Frothingham Professor of the History of Religion, has been selected by the German government as Harvard Visiting Professor at the University of Berlin for the academic year of 1909-10, his term falling in the first half-year.

Professor Moore was graduated from Yale in 1872 with the degree of A.B., in 1877 he received a Gr. from the Union Theological School, in 1883 an A.M. at Yale, and he received D.D. degrees from Marietta College in 1885 and from Yale in 1897, and the degree of LL.D. from Western Reserve in 1903 and Harvard in 1906. From 1883 to 1902 Professor Moore was professor of Hebrew at the Andover Theological Seminary; in 1894-95 he was lecturer on the Hebrew Religion and Literature in Harvard, and was University Preacher from 1900 to 1903. In 1902 he was made professor of theology, which position he held until 1904, when he was made Frothingham Professor of the History of Religion.