University Team Holds First Contest With Cornell on Percy Field.

The University baseball team will play its first game with Cornell at Ithaca on Percy Field this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock. The home game with this team will be played on June 12. No change will be made in the line-up of the University team and Hartford will probably be in the box.

Last year the game at Ithaca was cancelled on account of rain but in the game played on Soldiers Field the University team was victorious by the score of 1 to 0. The only tally was made by Aronson; who hit out a home run in the sixth inning. In this game Hartford did not allow a single hit and struck out twelve men. He was given errorless backing.

Cornell has this year played but two games with teams which the University nine has met. The first game of her schedule was with Georgetown and resulted in a victory for Cornell by the score of 6 to 3. A week before the University team played at Providence, Cornell made five runs against Brown and the score stood 5 to 0. Yale won from Cornell, 4 to 3, early in the season in an eleven inning game. Since the season on Percy Field opened Cornell has won three out of six games played and has succeeded in shutting out three teams. The last game played, that against Michigan, was lost by the score of 5 to 6.

The team is at present in a crippled condition and for this reason it is uncertain who will pitch. The choice rests between Howes, Goodwillie, Cable and Caldwell.

The line-up for the game today will be as follows:


HARVARD.  CORNELL.Lanigan, 3b.  s.s., MagnerHarvey, c.f.  2b., Jones or ThompsonCurrier, c.  c.f., CaldwellAronson, r.f.  r.f., EbelingMacLaughlin, 2b.  c., Williams or LallyDana, l.f.  l.f., Gable or HowesBriggs, 1b.  3b., HowardSimons, s.s.  p., Howes, Goodwillie,  Caldwell or GableHartford or Hicks, p.  1b., Williams or Lall