On Lake Cayuga Immediately After the University Race on Monday.

Immediately after the University race with Cornell on Monday, the Freshman crew will race the Cornell freshmen over the same two-mile course. This will be the first outside contest of the year for either crew.

Last Tuesday the Freshman crew was changed back to the order in which it has rowed since April 3, with the exception of one or two days, and Faxon was put in as coxswain. Although the crew won the class races on May 14 with comparative ease, its showing was rather disappointing to Coach Wray. But since then the crew has improved greatly and all the men have shown much more life. Newton, at stroke, rows leng and steadily, but the work of the whole crew has been very erratic when the stroke was varied from high to low. However, the crew is as good if not better than the average Freshman crew, and there is a great deal of power in the boat. The advantage is all with Harvard in respect to weight and strength.

Since early in February, when the freshman candidates were first called out at Cornell, the first crew has had practically the same order throughout the season. Distler, at stroke, has had much experience and is one of the best oars in the boat. Although lacking in weight and strength as compared to Cornell's University crew, the freshman eight's watermanship and form is very good, and the University crew has a hard time in beating them in a mile race.

The orders in the race will be:

Harvard--Stroke, Newton; 7, Metcalf; 6, Strong; 5, Higginson; 4, Leslie; 3, Balch; 2, Richardson; bow, Wiggins; cox., Faxon.


Cornell--Stroke, Distler; 7, McDermott; 6, Kruse; 5, Wakeley; 4, Johnson; 3, Ferguson; 2, Bowen; bow, Carpenter; cox., Magoun