Freshmen Victorious by Score of 57 to 51.--Harvard's Strong Finish.

The Freshman track team defeated Phillips Andover Academy Saturday afternoon at Andover by the close score of 57 to 51 points. In spite of the poor condition of the track, the times in several events were unusually fast.

The Freshmen won the first event, but Andover made a strong showing and at one time led by the score of 30 to 15. Before the last two events, the pole-vault and the broad jump, Andover led by 12 points. In both events, however, the Freshmeen won all three places.

The feature of the meet was the 880-yard run, in which W. H. Fernald '12 finished twenty yards in the lead, beating the Andover Academy record of 2 min., 2 1-4 sec., by a fraction of a second.

The summary:

Track Events.


120-yard hurdles--Won by A. R. Dupont (H.); second, Reynolds (A.); third, Pittman (A.). Time, 17 2-5s.

100-yard dash--Won by Hopwood (A.); second, K. S. Billings (H.); third, Pillsbury (A.). Time, 10 3-5s.

One-mile run--Won by Dowling (A.); second, W. H. Lacy (H.); third, Hayes (A.). Time, 4m., 41 4-5s.

440-yard dash--Won by D. P. Ranney (H.); second, P. C. Cummin (H.); third, West (A.). Time, 53 2-5s.

880-yard run--Won by W. H. Fernald (H.); second, Gould (A.); third, P. R. Withington (H.). Time, 2m., 2 1-5s.

220-yard hurdles--Won by Reynolds (A.); second, Eames (A.); third, A. R. Dupont (H.). Time, 26 2-5s.

220-yard dash--Won by Hopwood (A.); second, K. S. Billings (H.); third, D. P. Ranney (H.). Time, 23 1-5s.

Field Events.

16-pound shot-put--Won by F. H. Leslie (H.); second, Pickett (A.); third, Porter (A.). Distance, 34 ft., 8 in.

Running high jump--Won by Porter (A.); second, I. C. Bolton (H.); third, Tilton (A.). Height, 5 ft., 5 in.

Pole-vault--Tied for first, J. A. King (H.), L. C. Torrey (H.), H. deWindt (H.), Height, 8 ft., 6 in.

12-pound hammer-throw--Won by Thompson (A.); second, Pickett (A.); third, W. M. Parker (H.). Distance, 134 ft., 6 in.

Running broad jump--Won by L. C. Torrey (H.); second, H. deWindt (H.); third, W. A. Perkins (H.). Distance, 19 ft., 8 in.