Postponed Track Meet in Stadium at 4.--Freshman Team to Compete.

The annual interclass track games, which were postponed from Saturday on account of rain, will be held on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Admission tickets, at 50 cents each, will be on sale at the gate; these tickets will also admit holders to the University baseball game with Fordham. The officials are requested to report at the Locker Building at 3.45, and all contestants at 3.30 o'clock.

It has been decided to allow the Freshman track team, which competed against Andover Saturday, to enter this afternoon in all events except the 440-yard dash and the distance runs. First place in each event will count five points, second three, and third place one; the first three men to finish in each event will receive class numerals, and the first two will be awarded cups.

Following is the list of officials:

Referee--N. W. Bingham '95.

Marshal--W. G. Wendell '09.


Judges at finish--E. E. Babb, B. A. A., L. P. Dodge '08, G. Emerson '08, J. D. Leland '09.

Timers--Coach Donovan, H. Watson '10, B. L. Young '07.

Starter--H. McGrath, Charlesbank Gymnasium.

Field-judges--R. H. Eggleston '09, F. P. Farquhar '09, H. E. Porter '09, W. P. Fuller '10.

Measurers--K. S. Kate '09, R. Burlingham '10, R. C. Hallowell '10, F. C. Page '10, T. T. Scudder '11.

Clerk of course--L. M. Little '10.

Assistant clerks of course--F. Ayer, Jr., '11, C. K. Cobb '11, L. C. Goodhue '11.

Inspectors--T. S. Green '09, J. A. Paine '09, J. R. Coolidge '10, A. Sweeney '10.

Scorers--S. T. Farquhar '12, F. D. Huntington '12.

Announcer--J. A. Locke '09.