Practical Opportunity in Social Work.

[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest.]

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Next fall, during the first two weeks in October, the Prospect Union will conduct a campaign among the workingmen of Cambridge, Arlington, and Somerville with the purpose of telling these men just what the Union can do for them, and thus increasing its membership. During the past few years, a campaign of this sort has been made and has netted excellent results. For next fall it is planned to reach more men and to reach them more effectively. Arrangements will be made whereby men will be sent in the evenings to meetings of labor unions, social clubs, and church societies, and during the noon hours into the large factories and packing houses. These men will either speak for five minutes concerning the opportunities of the Union or distribute pamphlets and circulars which describe the Union's work in all its features. To carry out this campaign one hundred men will be needed.

This campaign affords an excellent opportunity for men to help in the "University extension" of which President Lowell has spoken. Men who are interested in public speaking will be given a chance for practical work with audiences which are without exception sympathetic and interested. Men studying social or factory conditions will be given a special field to which they may devote themselves. To all men, both graduates and undergraduates, the Prospect Union, which is a Harvard institution conducted by Harvard men, extends a cordial invitation to help in the work.

Men will be asked to give one hour in either week on any day they prefer. To help the work of the committee in starting the campaign, members of the University who are interested are requested to send their names, together with any preferences for special fields of service, to Grays 47 before they leave College for the summer. R. H. SMITH '10.


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