Junior Class Day Ushers

All assistant head ushers are on duty in the hard from 1.15 to 3, and in the evening from 10 to 11. The following assistant head ushers are in charge of the squads: 2-3 Hadden; 3-4 Parsons; 5-6 Earle; 6-7 Haydock; 7-8 Seaverns; 8-9 Wyman; 9-10 Browne, Crocker; 10-11 Little.

All ushers report at 9.15 A. M. Class Day at the Athletic Association office for badges and final instructions. All ushers report at 2 P. M. to clear the Yard. Headquarters on Class Day will be in front of University Hall.

The following report at 10 A. M. to usher in Sanders: Assistant head ushers, G. G. Browne, D. Crocker, G. Hadden, L. M. Little, W. B. Parsons, and P. Wyman. Ushers: Aronson, Atkins, R. C. Brown, Carter, Curtis, Davis, Deming, Durant, Eccles, Estabrook, Gary, Groves, Harding, James, G. Hallowell, MacDonald, Macleod, Marshall, Martin, Morris, R. M. Page, M. P. Prince, Tinckom Fernandez, B. Whitney, Witmer.

Report at 1.15 at headquarters for Yard duty: Bodine, S. H. Brown, Chapin, Cobb, Coolidge, Fall, Leavitt, Loring, F. C. Page, G. C. Prince, Shepley, Sweeney, Wheeler, Whitney, Zabriskle.

Report at 3.15 in Stadium; to D. Crocker (sections 13, 14 and 15): Andrews, Aspinwall, Bennett, Blumer, Bodine, S. H. Brown, Burrage, Chapin, Coolidge, Colo, Dole, Dunham, Hooper and Safford.


To R. Haydock (sections 16 and 17): Ferguson, Foote, F. L. Foster, Hall, Galatti, Gignoux, Haynes, and Hector.

To W. K. Earle (sections 18 and 19): Hicks, Holmes, Jordan, Kenney, Langshaw, Lanier, Lawrence, and P. Long.

To L. M. Little (sections 20 and 21): Fall, Loring, C. C. Little, Martin, Marvin, Maxwell, Mears, Merrihew and Monroe.

To Browne (sections 20 and 21): Newbold, Ogden, Olney, Osborne, F. C. Page, Parker, L. C. Parsons and Perkins.

To L. C. Seaverns (sections 24, 25 and 26): Powel, G. C. Prince, Pyles, Robins, Scribner, Shepley, Stoddard, Sweeney, Tilney, Tomkins, Van Rensselaer, de Rham, Vogel, West, Wheeler, Whitney, and Zabriskie.

Report at 5 at headquarters, for Yard duty: Blanchard, Bryant, Chien, Cummings, Durant, Gary, Hector, Houston, Lieder, Metcalf, Newton, M. Pirnie, M. P. Prince and Waid.

Report at 6 at headquarters: Aspinwall, Deming, Ellis, Burrage, Holmes, Langshaw, Lanier, Monroe, Newbold, Olney, Parker, Patch, de Rham, R. H. Smith, Vogel and Hooper.

Report at 7 at headquarters: Andrews, Eccles, Galatti, Gignoux, Haynes, Marshall, Martin, Mather, H. V. Morgan, Ogden, G. D. Pirnie, Putnam, Pyles, Raymond and Tilney.

Report at 8 at headquarters: Aronson, Atkins, Blumer, Hall, Hicks, Jordan, Kinney, Lawrence, MacDonald, Millet, Morris, Osborne, Robins, West and Wulsin.

Report at 9 at headquarters: Bennett, R. C. Brown, Carter, Dunham, Everett, Fahnestock, Groves, Harding, Little, Merrihew, Nightingale, L. C. Parsons, Rice, Scribner, Stoddard and Washburn.

Report at 10 at headquarters: Curtis, Dole, Foote, Macleod, Marvin, Maxwell, Mears, R. M. Page, Perkins, Powel, Safford, Tinckom-Fernandez, Van Rensselaer, White, Witmer and Wolfe