Two University Relay Teams.--Captains Appointed in Various Events.

The meeting held last evening for candidates for the track and football teams was attended by about 130 men. Captain Little announced that there would be two University relay teams, one for the 780-yard event, and one for the 390-yard event, and that there would be a Freshman 390-yard relay team. The first contest in which Harvard men will be entered will be the South Boston Athletic Club's meet to be held in Mechanics Hall on January 22. Entries will also be made in the B. A. A. meet on February 12, in the Lawrence Light Guard meet and in several New York meets. It was also announced that H. Watson '10, captain of the 1910 Freshman track team had offered a cup to the man who made the highest average in the half-mile event during the season. The half-mile race open only to Harvard men in the South Boston Athletic Club's meet will be the first to count in this average.

Regular Work Begins at Once.

The regular work for the running events will be held every afternoon under Coach Donovan. As Coach Quinn is sick and will not be able to take up his duties for some time, captains have been appointed to supervise the work in the various field events. Men going out for the high jump should report to S. C. Lawrence '10 at 5 o'clock, for the broad jump and shop-put to C. C. Little '10 at 5 o'clock, for the pole-vault to J. L. Barr '10 at 4 o'clock, for the hammer-throw to E. H. Ruch '10 at 4.30 o'clock. J. P. Long '11 has been appointed captain of the high hurdle event and A. Sweetser '11 captain of the low hurdle event.