Chages in University Eight

Several changes were made in the orders of the University crews yesterday. O'Richardson will be unable to row for the rest of the year, owing to an injury to his arm, which Warren is out on account of rheumatism. Stratton stroked the second crew in place of O Richardson and A. B. Richardson was put in at 2. A number of other shifts were made in the second and third eights, and the University four. The first crew remained the same as last week. All four crews rowed down to the basin, the first being the only one to go beyond the Harvard Bridge. The first eight showed better form than at any previous time this year. Coming up-stream especially, the shell was very steady and the blade-work excellent. Of the other two crews, the third made the better showing. After a few days, morning practice will begin for the individual men.

Dormitory rowing has shown considerable improvement in the past week. The attendance has been more regular, and the orders of crews have not been changed as often as heretofore. The rowing of most of the crews is still crude, as many of them are composed almost entirely of inexperienced men. The number of men rowing this year is the largest since dormitory rowing was introduced, but the attendance has been very irregular at times. Yesterday twelve crews were on the river.

Orders of the University crews:

University crew.--Stroke, Goodale; 7, Cutler; 6, Strong; 5, Metcalf; 4, Newton; 3, Hooper; 2, Balch; bow, Meyer; cox., C. Abeles.

Second crew.--Stroke, Stratton; 7, Nelson; 6, Parker; 5, Higginson; 4, Lincoln; 3, Anderson; 2, Richardson; bow Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.

Third crew.--Stroke, Davis 7, Peabody; 6, Weston; 5, Beane; 4, Eager; 3, Morgan; 2, Shillito; bow, Cutler; cox., A. Abeles.

Four oar,--Stroke, Sullivan; 3, Hoar; 2, Sargent; bow, Chadwick; cox, Brownlee.