Yesterday Afternoon.--Squad of 34 Will Leave Today for Farmington.

In the last practice of the University football squad in the Stadium yesterday afternoon, the work was very light and there was no scrimmaging. During the secret practice Team A ran through all of its signals, and the plays that have been recently learned were rehearsed. A long drill in the fundamentals preceded this work, the linemen, backs and ends being instructed by their respective coaches.

At 4 o'clock the gates were opened and the undergraduate parade went into the Stadium and rehearsed the songs and cheers. While this was going on each of the three teams of the University squad held a fast signal drill.

The University football squad will leave for Farmington, Conn., this afternoon on the 2.04 train from Back Bay Station. The team will have lunch at the Varsity Club at 12.15, and will take two special electric cars from the car barns at 1.10.

While at Farmington the men will stay at the Elm Tree Inn. Practice will be held on Yale Field tomorrow from 1.30 to 2.30 o'clock, and there will be light signal work at Farmington on Friday. A special sleeping car attached to the midnight train from New York will bring the team back to Cambridge on Saturday night.

The following men will leave today: Bush, Blodgett, Campbell, Corbett, Felton, Fisher, T. H. Frothingham, Gardner, Graustein, Hann, Huntington, Johnson, Jowett, Keays, F. H. Leslie, H. C. Leslie, Lewis, Long, McKay, Minot, Morrison O'Flaherty, Paine, Parmenter, Perkins, Potter, Pierce, L. D. Smith, P. D. Smith, Stow, Tryon, Wigglesworth, Withington, Wendell. T. Frothingham will follow tomorrow. Coaches Haughton, Blagden, Cutting and Leary, Dr. Nichols and Trainer Donovan will accompany the squad.