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Speeches by Dean Briggs, Farley and Donald.--Living Room Crowded.


The last football mass meeting of the year was held in the Living Room of the Union last night at 7.30 o'clock. R. C. Forster 11 presided and introduced the speakers. J. W. Farley '99, who spoke first, said that the meeting was held only in anticipation but that there were seven good reasons why the team should win on Saturday. The team is well coached and well led; it is full of the right sort of spirit, and has brains; it is in excellent physical condition, and has great physical capacity; lastly it is determined to win. Malcolm Donald '99, the second speaker, talked along the same lines, emphasizing the importance of Coach Haughton and the Committee on Athletics. This Committee has always kept in close touch with the undergraduates and will continue to do so as long as Dean Briggs is chairman.

Dean Briggs '75 spoke last. He began by saying that such a meeting made him feel both old and young; old, because he could remember when baseball was played where Memorial Hall now stands; young, by reason of the enthusiasm in the meeting. He said he saw the 17-0 game and the 22-0 game, but that he has rearely seen a team so alert as ours was last Saturday; and alertness which means intelligence in trainer and coach. The difficulty with Harvard teams in the past has been the lack of an intelligent system. Walter Camp's ability has been the chief cause of Yale's success in the past, and whenever Yale has strayed from Camp, she has been defeated in consequence. In Mr. Haughton we have a man who is expert, intelligent, versatile, strict in discipline, and a man whom Mr. Camp is bound to respect. The team has strength, steadiness, brilliancy, determination, and a captain to be proud of either on or off the field. In the College Office it has a record of perfect attendance and marks which are better than those of any team within memory. In closing Dean Briggs said that Harvard men and Yale men were much alike, being natural friends as well as natural enemies. In the interval between the speeches the old and new songs were rehearsed.

After the mass meeting those who attended it went over to President Lowell's house, where an informal reception was held.

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