Sophomore Constitution

The committee appointed to draw up a constitution for the class of 1913 has decided upon the following document, which is subject to amendment by the class at the next meeting. This constitution will be considered by the class at a meeting in Lower Massachusetts Friday evening at 7 o'clock.

I. Members: All men sanctioned by the College Office shall have the rights of 1913 classmen.

II. Officers: There shall be a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. 2. The duties of the president shall be to preside at all meetings, to appoint all non-elective committees, to assess all dues, and to assume all other duties usually incumbent upon that office which are not provided for in this constitution,--all these with the advice and consent of the other two officers. The officers shall be ex-officiis members of all committees. 3. The duties of the vice-president shall be to assume all the presidential duties in the absence of the president. 4. The duties of the secretary-treasurer shall be to keep a journal of the proceedings of all meetings, to receive all petitions, and make them known to the president within 24 hours of their receipt, to make public within 24 hours all such petitions as provided in this constitution; to keep safely all papers pertaining to class affairs, and to make a report twice a year to the president concerning the finances, and to assume all other duties usually incumbent on that office and which are not provided for in this constitution. 5. No class officers are eligible for re-election under this constitution, in subsequent years.

III. Election: A nominating committee of 10 men shall be elected in class meetings two weeks and a half before the date set for the election of officers, their nominees to be made public at least two weeks before said election. All petitioned nominations signed by 50 men shall be valid if submitted to the committee between the time of the publication of nominees and the evening of the third day preceding that set for the election. The day set for the election of officers shall be the second Tuesday in December.

IV. Meetings: Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the class officers, and within six days of the receipt by the secretary of a petition signed by 50 men, stating the proposed discussions to be brought before the meeting. The purpose of the meeting and the subjects to be discussed must be published by the president sufficiently in advance to insure proper attendance at the meeting. 2. The president must act immediately upon all written suggestions submitted to him. 3. This constitution is open to amendment by a written petition of 50 men, which in itself necessitates the convocation of a class meeting. A quorum at class meetings, notice of which has been given at least two days before hand, shall consist or 100 classmen