Technology Defeated, 4 to 3

The University hockey team won its first scheduled game by defeating the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4 to 3, in the Boston Arena last night. At the beginning of the game the University line-up contained many substitutes and the team-work was poor. In the second period, however, when the first-string men were in, the team-play improved. Technology depended almost entirely on the individual work of Gould and Stucklen, the latter scoring all three goals.

The first score was made by Stucklen on a pass from Sloane, after continued play around Harvard's goal. Then the University team braced and secured three goals before the end of the period. Seamans scored the first from a scrimmage in front of the goal, and Duncan made the second, after carrying the puck the length of the ice unaided. Hornblower, who took Childs's place, made the third goal just before time was called.

Early in the second period Hornblower got the last goal for the University team by taking the puck alone from the middle of the rink. At this point the Technology team began to work harder, and Stucklen, largely through his own efforts, scored two more goals.

The summary: HARVARD.  TECHNOLOGY. Leslie, Gorham, l.e.  r.e., Sloane Duncan, Cutler, Pierce, l.c.  r.c., Hurlbutt Childs, Hornblower, r.c.  l.c., Stucklen Seamans, Pratt, r.e. l.e.,  Gould, Storke Houston, Huntington, c.p.  c.p., Ranney Blackall, Graustein, p.  p., Vose Gardner, Chadwick, g.  g., Bakewell

Score--Harvard, 4; Technology, 3. Goals--Stucklen 3, Seamans, Duncan, Hornblower 2. Referee--J. Norfolk, Boston Arena. Umpire--J. L. Lennerton, Boston Arena. Time--20 and 15-minute periods.