Twenty-two Men from Senior and Eight from Junior Class Chosen.

The following twenty-two Seniors and eight Juniors have been chosen members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Scholarly achievement and scholarly promise have been the basis of election, and a conscientious attempt has been made to do justice to every eligible name. In determinating the elections scholarship grades alone have not been the ultimate ground of decision the difficulty of the courses taken and the student's progress throughout his college career have also received due consideration. The names are arranged alphabetically and not according to rank or order of election.

1911. Ernest Angell, Cleveland, O. Richard Brunel, Portland, Me. Francis Parkman Byerly, Cambridge. Benjamin Crocker Clough, Hyde Park. Kenneth Bertram Day, Bridgeport, Conn. Bert Emsley, Methuen. Roscoe Russell Hess, Seattle, Wash. Phillip Winslow Hobart, Plymouth. Roger Sanford Hubbard, Cambridge. William Hunt, Cambridge. Arnold Warburton Lahee, Cambridge. Benjamin Harrison Lehman, Philadelphia, Pa.

Ivan Robert Madge, Hants, England.

Phillip Curtis Nash, Allston.

Aristides Evangelus Phoutrides, Cambridge.

Howard Joseph Sachs, New York, N. Y.

James Kuhn Senior, Cincinnati, O.

Joseph Slepian, Boston.

Chauncey Depew Snow, Montello.

Rufus Stickney Tucker, Somerville.

Grandin Tracy Vought, Jr., Denver, Colo.

Francis Solomon Wyner, Dorchester.


Samuel Hazard Cross, New Bedford.

James Gordon Gilkey, Watertown.