Arrangements for Christmas Recess

The Christmas recess will extend from December 23 to January 2, inclusive. All undergraduates are required to register Tuesday, January 3, between 9 and 1.30 o'clock. College exercises will be held as usual on that day.

The registration rooms will be as follows: Seniors, Harvard 5; Juniors, Upper Massachusetts; Sophomores, Sever 11; Freshmen, Upper Massachusetts; College special students, Harvard 5; unclassified students, Upper Massachusetts.

Every student in Harvard College who, at the end of the Christmas or spring recess, fails to register at the time set for that purpose, may be required to pay the Bursar a fee of $5 before being permitted to register. Payment of this fee does not preclude action by either of the Administrative Boards in the cases of students who register late.

Students in good standing, living at a very considerable distance, will be granted an extension of time at the beginning of the recess. No other students are excused from any of their appointments.

No student to whom an extension of the recess is granted is thereby released from his responsibility to his instructors, nor is he thereby excused from hour examinations or written tests. Absence from Cambridge is no excuse for delay in handing in written work.