Departmental Musical Club Concert

The Musical Club of the department of Music will give its sixth annual concert in the Lecture Room of Fogg Museum this evening at 8 o'clock. Tickets for reserved seats at $1 may be obtained at the Co-operative Branch Store, at Amee's, and from D. N. Tweedy '12, Ware 52. Undergraduates may get tickets at one-half the regular price by applying to members of the Faculty of Music.

The program follows:

1. MacDowell--Sonata Tragica in G minor.

2. (a) Tchaikovsky--"Pilgrim Song."

(b) Chadwick--"O Let Night Speak of Me."

(c) Wolf--"Verborgenheit."

(d) Clapp--Song (words by H. Hagedorn '07).

3. Brahms--First Movement from the Sonata in D minor.

4. (a) Rameau-MacDowell--"Sarabande."

(b) Mendelssohn--Scherzo in E minor.

(c) Chopin--Nocturne in G major.

5. Widor--Romance from the Suite for Flute and Pianoforte.

6. Georg Schumann--First Movement from Trio for Violin, 'Cello, and Pianoforte.