Games with Sewanee, Vanderbilt and Probably Louisiana State

The "All-Star" football team will play three games in the South during the Christmas recess. The team leaves New York on Monday for Cincinnati, O., where it will be entertained by the Harvard Club of that city before continuing to Memphis, Tenn., where a game will be played against Sewanee University on Wednesday. On Thursday the team will reach Nashville, Tenn., and play a game against Vanderbilt University. The third game is not, as yet, definitely decided, but will probably be with Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, La., on Saturday, although a game with Notre Dame University at St. Louis may possibly be substituted.

The return trip to New York will be made via Atlanta and Washington in time to reach Cambridge for the opening of College.

The probable line-up of the team will be: l.e., S. Williams 1L., Sewanee; l.t., M. E. Crumpacker 2L., Michigan; l.g., L. B. Parks 2L., Yale; c., N. R. Cass 2L., Princeton; r.g., S. Hoar 2L., Harvard; r.t., H. Fish, Jr., 1L., Harvard; r.e., G. G. Browne '10, Harvard; q.b., R. MacVeagh 2L., Harvard; l.h.b., T. N. Pfeiffer 1L., Princeton; r.h.b., H. L. Moore 1L., Princeton; f.b., R. V. White 2L., Harvard. Managers N. Armour 1L., and T. S. Blumer 2L., and the following substitutes will also make the trip: ends--H. C. Dewey '12 and L. L. Forcheimer 2L., Harvard; linemen--R. W. Hall uL., Harvard, and C. Hann, Jr., '11; backs--H. B. Galbraith 1L., Arizona, and A. J. Sturzenegger uL., Nebraska.