Teams from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia in Contest

The nineteenth annual intercollegiate four-board chess tournament between Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and Yale will begin this afternoon and will continue tomorrow and Saturday at the rooms of the West Side Republican Club in New York City. The University team left Cambridge yesterday afternoon. The play takes place between the hours of 1 and 6 in the afternoon, and 8 and 10 in the evening. The games will be played with a time-limit of fifteen moves an hour, and all games unfinished by 10 o'clock will be adjudicated by the referee.

The intercollegiate cup, presented to the league by E. A. Caswell, Yale '66, will be held one year by the winning team. In order to gain permanent possession of it, however, a team must win it for ten successive years. Of the eighteen tournaments held so far, nine have been won by Harvard, six by Columbia, and one each by Princeton and Yale. Last year Harvard and Yale tied for first place. The chances therefore of any one team gaining permanent possession of the cup are yet far off. Medals will be awarded the winning team from a die provided for the purpose by A. C. White '02.

Harvard and Yale each have two new men on their teams, while Princeton has three. The Columbia team is composed of exactly the same men who played in the tournament last year.

Members of the Teams.

The names of the men on the teams in the order in which they will play follow:

Harvard--A. G. Johnson '11, F. R. Byerly '11, C. S. Hadley 2L., W. B. Harris '13.

Columbia--C. H. Ramsdell 1L., E. L. Gluck '12, J. B. Beadle '12, S. H. Childs '11.

Princeton--J. W. Alexander 2G., L. M. Bament '11, B. F. Van Vliet '13, F. H. Shafer '12.

Yale--J. R. Chandler '11, H. D. Hooker, Jr., '12, G. Burgess '11, E. E. Stearns '12:

The order of games will be as follows:

Thursday, December 22--Harvard vs. Princeton, Yale vs. Columbia.

Friday, December 23--Harvard vs. Yale, Princeton vs. Columbia.

Saturday, December 24--Columbia vs. Harvard, Yale vs. Princeton.

The drawings follow:

Thursday--Johnson, H., vs. Alexander, P.; Byerly, H., vs. Bament, P.; Hadley, H., vs. Van Vliet, P.; Harris, H., vs. Shafer, P.; Ramsdell, C., vs. Chandler, Y.; Gluck, C., vs. Hooker, Y.; Beadle, C., vs. Burgess, Y.; Childs, C., vs. Stearns, Y.

Friday--Johnson, H., vs. Chandler, Y.; Byerly, H., vs. Hooker, Y.; Hadley, H vs. Burgess, Y.; Harris, H., vs. Stearns, Y.; Ramsdell C., vs. Alexander, P.; Gluck, C., vs. Bament, P.; Beadle, C., vs. Van Vliet, R.; Childs, C., vs. Shafer, P.

Saturday--Johnson, H., vs. Ramsdell, C.; Byerly, H., vs. Gluck, C.; Hadley, H., vs. Beadle, C.; Harris, H., vs. Childs, C.; Chandler, Y., vs. Alexander, P.; Hooker, Y., vs. Bament, P.; Burgess, Y., vs. Van Vliet, P.; Childs, Y., vs. Shafer, P.