Won by Seven Sutherland Sisters.--University Hockey Letters Awarded.

The Seven Sutherland Sisters won the championship in the scrub hockey series last Saturday by defeating the Stars and Stripes, 2 to 0. The men who started the game for the Seven Sutherland Sisters will be awarded cups by the hockey management.

The whole game was characterized by roughness and lack of team-play. During the first half, the play centered around the goal of the Stars and Stripes, but neither team was able to score. The Sutherland Sisters scored twice in the second half from scrimmages directly in front of their opponents' goal.

The summary: SUTHERLAND SISTERS.  STARS & STRIPES. Dunbar, g.  g., Wolfe Carr, p.  p., Tobey Tryon, c.p.  c.p., Beard Emerson, Boynton, l.e.  r.e., Whidden Houston, l.c.  r.c., Parker Clifford, r.c.  l.c., Earle, Field Reeves, r.e.  l.e., Kenney

Score--Seven Sutherland Sisters, 2; Stars and Stripes, 0. Goals--Clifford 1, Houston 1. Referee--Smart. Timekeeper--Farquhar. Time--10-minute halves.

University Insignia Awarded.

The following fifteen men who have played in an intercollegiate hockey game have been awarded their University hockey insignia: R. M. Blackall '12, of Cambridge; G. G. Browne '10, of Los Angeles, Cal.; O. M. Chadwick '11, of Lowell; D. F. Cutler '11, of Brookline; R. F. Duncan '12, of Clinton; N. H. Foster '11, of Boston; G. P. Gardner, Jr., '10, of Boston; R. Haydock '10, of Germantown, Pa.; S. T. Hicks '10, of Arlington; R. Hornblower '11, of Arlington; F. D. Huntington '12, of Leicester; H. C. Leslie '11, of Milton; W. F. Morgan, Jr., '10, of Short Hills, N. J.; S. B. Smart '12, of Newton Highlands; and R. B. Wigglesworth '12, of Milton.

As the University team did not win the championship, the insignia will be a red "H" with crossed sticks on a black sweater.