Third Game of Hockey Team Scheduled for This Afternoon at 3.30.

The Freshman hockey team will play the third game of its schedule with Milton Academy at Milton this afternoon at 3.30 o'clock, weather permitting.

So far this season the Freshman team has shown little development in passing and team-play, but has a number of individually good players who, with practice, ought to develop into an effective combination. The defence has shown up well in the two regular games, especially. Gardner at goal, whose work is above the average. The main trouble with the forwards seems to be tendency toward individual play and consequent lack of passing. Furthermore, the shooting has been weak. A decided improvement will have to be made within the next week, as the game with the Yale freshmen is scheduled for February 12.

Milton has played three regular games this season, defeating the Cambridge Latin School 3 to 1, English High School 4 to 1, and Somerville High School 5 to 1.

The line-up for the game this afternoon will be as follows: FRESHMEN.  MILTON ACADEMY. Francis, l.e.  r.e., Phillips Palmer, l.c.  r.c., Devereux Rushmore, r.c.  l.c., Handy Tomes, r.e.  l.e., Smith Booth, c.p.  c.p., Hastings Graustein, p.  p., Talbot Gardner, g.  g., Wigglesworth