Program of Junior Dance Music

The 1911 Junior Dance Committee has announced the following musical program for the Junior Dance on February 18:

1. Waltz, "Spring, Beautiful Spring."

2. Two-Step, "2nd Connecticut."

3. Waltz, "Gold and Silver."

4. Waltz, "Dollar Princess."

5. Two-Step, "Up the Street."

6. Waltz, "Sounds from Vienna Woods."

7. Waltz, "Espana."

8. Two-Step, "Rings on her Fingers."

9. Waltz, "Unrequited Love."

10. Waltz, "Skaters."

11. Two-Step, "Our Director."

12. Waltz, "Faust."

13. Supper.

14. Waltz, "Hypnotic Kiss."