Relay Team Beaten in Two-Mile Race

On Saturday night the University two-mile relay team was defeated by Yale, Cornell, and Pennsylvania, in the annual indoor track meet of Columbia University, in Madison Square Garden, New York.

The time was 7 minutes and 56 4-5 seconds. Yale finished first, Cornell, second, Pennsylvania, third, and Harvard, fourth. R. w. Boyden '11, H. Guild '10, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, and G. W. Ryley '10, made up the University team.

Boyden, the first runner for the University, was slow in starting and lost the pole. At the end of the relay he was 40 yards behind the leader. Although Guild, the second Harvard runner, ran a fast race, he was unable to gain perceptably. Ryley, who followed Guild, quickened the pace and succeeded in reducing the lead by 10 yards. Jaques, the last man for Harvard, by exceptional work cut the lead down to 15 yards.

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