Arrangements for Dramatic Club Play

All candidates for the position of business and stage manager of the spring production of the Dramatic Club are asked to report at Westmorly 106 this evening at 7 o'clock. All men, particularly Freshmen and Sophomores, who are interested in business management, presswork, stagemanagement, property, and electrical work are urged to come out, whether they have had any previous experience or not. As these positions offer openings in almost every field connected with theatricals, it is hoped that a large number of men will attend this meeting. G. S. Deming '10, manager, and K. R. Macgowan '11, stage manager of the fall production, will speak briefly on the details of the work required.

The club has decided to present its spring performances at Brattle Hall on April 12 and 14, and at Jordan Hall, Boston, on April 16. One or more additional performances may also be arranged. All manuscripts for the play competition, whether long or one-act plays, should be sent to J. C. Savery '12, Beck 12, by March 12. Ten one-act plays have already been received and are now under the consideration of the graduate committee, consisting of Professor G. P. Baker '87, Mr. H. T. Parker of the Boston Transcript, and Mr. Winthrop Ames '95, director of the New Theatre, New York. It is hoped that a number of longer plays will be submitted.

Trials for parts in the plays will take place on March 17. On that day, also, competitions for poster designs and incidental music will open. The management also announces office hours from 1 to 2.30 daily at Westmorly 106.

At a recent meeting of the executive committee the following elections took place: manager, R. Douglas '12; stage manager H. W. Miller '12.