List of Those to be Given During Session.--School Will Open July 9.

The session of the Summer School of Arts and Sciences will extend this year from Saturday, July 9, to Thursday, August 18, inclusive. In order to avoid conflict with the convention of the National Education Association, which will be held in Boston from July 2 to 8, the date of the opening of the Summer School was changed from Wednesday, July 6, the day originally set.

The list of courses proposed is here given; those marked * may be counted for a degree in Harvard University:

Astronomy.--*Elementary Course, Dr. J.C. Duncan.

Botany.--*Introductory Course, *Plant Physiology, and *Research in Plant Physiology, Asst. Professor W. J. V. Osterhout.

Chemistry. -- *Elementary Theoretical and Descriptive Chemistry, *Quantitative Analysis, and *Research in Inorganic Chemistry, Asst. Professor G. P. Baxter; *Organic Chemistry, *Qualitative Analysis, and *Research in Organic Chemistry, Asst. Professor H. A. Torrey; *Physical Chemistry, Dr. G. S. Forbes.

Education.--*General Principles of Education, Asst. Professor A. O. Norton; *Organization and Administration of Schools and School Systems, and *Seminary, Professor P. H. Hanus; *The Education of the Individual, Asst. Professor A. O. Norton, with occasional lectures by Dr. W. H. Potter, Dr. J. W. Sever, and Dr. W. E. Fernald.

English.--*Rhetoric and English Composition, Mr. H. R. Shipherd (F. W. Parker School, Chicago, Ill.); *English Composition, and *History and Development of English Literature in Outline, Professor E. A. Greenlaw (Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y.); *English Composition, and College Entrance Requirements in English for Teachers, Associate Professor R. P. Utter (Amherst College); History of English Literature in the Nineteenth Century, Mr. C. T. Copeland; *Anglo-Saxon, Professor J. W. Rankin (Univ. of Vermont).

Fine Arts.--*The Theory of Pure Design, Asst. Professor A. Pope, assisted by Mr. E. O. Parker; *Drawing and Painting in Representation, Mr. M. Mower, assisted by Mr. E. O. Parker; *The History of Greek Art, Professor H. N. Fowler (Western Reserve Univ.).

French. -- *Intermediate Course for Teachers, Dr. A. F. Whittem; French Conversation, Mr. A. Brun.

Geology and Geography.--*Field Geology, Field Work in Montana, and *Structural or Glacial Field Work. Asst. Professor J. B. Woodworth; *Physiographic Field Work in Colorado, Professor W. M. Davis; Physiographic Field Investigation, Professor W. M. Davis and Asst. Professor D. W. Johnson; *Geological and Petrographical Field Studies, Professor J. E. Wolff.

German. -- *Intermediate Course for Teachers, and German Conversation, Dr. A. W. Boesche; *German Dramatists of the Nineteenth Century, and *Middle High German, Dr. H. J. Weber.

Government.--*Civil Government; the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Switzerland, Dr. A. N. Holcombe.

Greek.--For Beginners, Dr. D. P. Lockwood.

History.--*Ancient History for Teachers, and *Research in Greek and Roman History, Asst. Professor W. S. Ferguson; *History of England from 1689 to the present, *American History from the beginnings of English colonization to 1783, and *Research in American History, Professor W. MacDonald (Brown Univ.); *Historical Bibliography, and *Research in Mediaeval History, Professor C. H. Haskins; *Research in Modern European or Asiatic History, Professor A. C. Coolidge.

Latin.--Latin for Teachers, and *The Life and Works of Virgil, Professor C. H. Moore.