Funeral of Professor Torrey Today

The funeral of Professor Henry Augustus Torrey, Ph.D. '96, assistant professor of chemistry, will be held in Burlington, Vermont, today. The time and other arrangements are as yet undecided.

Appreciation of Professor Torrey.

The premature death of Dr. Henry Augustus Torrey leaves his many warm friends in deep sorrow. He was chosen in 1903 as instructor of organic chemistry at Harvard because he was believed to command in rare degree, all the varied attributes needed by the successful teacher and investigator. His work immediately vindicated the choice; and he was promoted, in 1905, to an assistant professorship. He succeeded in so illuminating an involved and technical subject as to show clearly the vivid interest of its underlying facts and the ories; moreover, he had already begun to make his mark among the forward looking band, who seek to discover not merely the products, but also the mechanism, of organic changes. His academic advancement was assured; he loved the University, he rejoiced in his opportunity to serve her, and in return his students gave him unusual affection.

All who knew him prized very highly his ideals and sterling character; but few, even among his intimates, realized fully the heroism with which he threw himself into this work. His health, at best, was very frail, and he well knew its frailty; but he never faltered. His courage was none the less real because it was silent and unobtrusive; and he leaves with us an enduring reverence for the brave and able fulfillment of his duty, as well as warmly affectionate memories of his kindly and sympathetic personality.