Harvard Entries in Columbia Meet

The annual Columbia University track games will be held in Madison Square Garden, New York, on Saturday, March 12. There will be relay races between teams representing Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. The Harvard entries:

Two-mile relay race -- H. Jaques, Jr., '11, W. H. Fernald '12, R. W. Boyden '11, S. C. Simons '11, G. W. Ryley '10, H. Guild '10.

One-mile relay race--R. C. Foster '11, F. M. De Selding '10, D. P. Ranney '12, R. W. Boyden '11, J. K. Lewis '11, L. Watson '10, S. C. Simons '11.

60-yard handicap race--R. C. Foster '11.

Provided that at least three teams enter each event, first and second prizes will be awarded.