Meeting of Lacrosse Candidates

At the meeting of the candidates for the University lacrosse team held in the Union last night, Mr. Garcelon, who spoke first, emphasized the rising standard for lacrosse teams which has made itself evident in the last two years. Not only has the attitude in the University changed towards this sport, but also, on the team itself, a responsibility has developed which argues well for its future position. It is the duty of every man on the team to see that this standard is, at least, maintained.

H. S. Bayley '11 then introduced W. F. Thompson '09, who spoke on the need of regularity in practice and the general advantages to be derived from the game.

F. C. Alexander '10, captain of the team, outlined the plans for the season. There will be a southern trip in which the following games will be played: Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, April 16: Annapolis at Annapolis, April 20: Swarthmore at Swarthmore, April 21: and Stevens at Hoboken, April 23.

The three league games will be with Hobart in Cambridge on May 6. Columbia at New York on May 14, and Cornell at Cambridge on May 19. The last game of the season, with Toronto, in Cambridge, will probably be played on May 23, but the date has not been decided upon definitely.

For the Freshman team the following games have already been arranged and more will be scheduled later: Boy's High of Brooklyn on May 7, and Columbia freshmen on May 20, both at Cambridge.