Sunday Lectures at Bussey Institute

The Bussey Institute of Harvard University announces a series of lectures on economic entomology and genetics, to be given at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoons during April and May. The Bussey Institute is at the corner of Arborway and South streets, near the Forest Hills Station of the Boston Elevated Railway. These lectures are open to all members of the University and no admission is charged.

The program is as follows:

April 1.--Insects as Carriers of Disease: The House Fly and its Allies. Professor Wheeler '02.

April 17.--Insects as Carriers of Disease: Mosquitoes and their Allies. Professor W. M. Wheeler '02.

April 24.--Mendel's Law of Heredity. Professor W. E. Castle '93.

May 1.--Variation and Selection in Evolution and Animal Breeding. Professor W. E. Castle '93.

May 8.--The Gypsy and Brown Tail Moths. Mr. C. T. Brues.

May 15.--Insects Injurious to Elms. Mr. C. T. Brues.

May 22.--Making New Plants by Selection. Professor E. M. East.

May 29.--Making New Plants by Hybridation. Professor E. M. East.