For Intercollegiate Meet at Philadelphia.--Cheering at 4.15 o'clock.

The members of the University track team will leave for Philadelphia this afternoon to compete in the intercollegiate games on Friday and Saturday. The team will leave the Transfer Station on Mt. Auburn street at 4.20 o'clock and take the 5 o'clock train for New York. They will pass the night in New York at the Murray Hill Hotel and will proceed to Devon at 10.15 o'clock tomorrow morning. While at Devon, they will stay at the Devon Inn, going into Philadelphia Friday and Saturday afternoons for the games. The whole team will return to Cambridge Saturday evening. Coaches Donovan and Quinn, Manager Little, and Assistant Managers Floyd and Blair will accompany the team.

The following men will be taken: A. D. Barker '11, J. L. Barr '10, W. P. Dillingham '11, R. C. Foster '11, G. P. Gardner, Jr., '10, H. L. Goddard '10, F. C. Gray '12, H. Guild '10, B. D. Hodges '11, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, H. W. Kelley '11, S. C. Lawrence, 2d, '10, J. K. Lewis, Jr., '11, C. C. Little '10., J. P. Long '11, P. Newton '11, E. L. Parker '10, D. P. Ranney '12, S. A. Reed '11, G. W. Ryley '10, F. M. deSelding '10; S. C. Simons '11, L. H. Thayer '10, J. Tyler '10, E. L. Viets '11, R. Warren '10, L. Watson '10.

Cheering for Team at 4.15.

Every man in the University should be at the transfer station on Mt. Auburn street at 4.15 o'clock this afternoon to cheer the track team on its departure for Philadelphia.

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