The Players' Club

[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest.]

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

So far in the history of dramatics and oral expression at Harvard, no organized effort seems to have been made to unite the men of the highest acting ability. In the present public performances individuals stand out by their natural excellence. In all the clubs that turn their efforts to the stage, however, these few men are usually overbalanced by a large cast chosen from those who are members of the organization on other grounds than their dramatic ability.

A long-successful club of actors exists in Cambridge outside the University; the Dramatic Club at Yale, and, in large measure, the Triangle Club at Princeton stand for acting. It seems at the present time as if we had an opportunity at Harvard to combine the best talent in one organization where other interests than acting should count for little. Debating and public speaking organization has changed its form almost every year; its movements have been tempered to the outside demand for debates, and the Faculty courses in expression; the Dramatic Club has been closely affiliated with the English Department and has laid its stress on the discovery and encouragement of young authors. These two tendencies diverge, and acting as such in the University has been left between them without support from either side.

In view of these considerations the Players' Club has been organized to meet the need for an association whose object is to unite the best actors in the University and give them practice in acting. P. D. SMITH '11.