Seniors Seek Happy Hunting Grounds

Ere Phoebus gilds the spines of Gore Hall, the morning air will be shattered by the infantile cries of the Senior class en route to the annual Senior Debauch and Clam Bake. Peddock's Island, where the Picnic was to have been held, went Prohibition when the plans were known, but Riverside opened welcome arms.

At 8.30, the host will assemble in front of Holworthy, headed by Kanrich's Inpregnable Music Chokers. After a brief service in Appleton Chapel, the Merry Picknickers will embark on Messrs. Boston, Elevated, Railroad and Co.'s buffet-cars at 9 o'clock, for the Happy Hunting Grounds.

Once arrived at Riverside, a scene of unparalleled activity will meet the jaded eye. Beer and other insipid compounds will foam on every hand. There will be aquatic sports in the village aquarium, water and breech-clouts to be provided by the management. Tennis courts will be at the disposal of owners of rackets and balls, and there will be a baseball game between the Married Men and Bachelors. Balls and bats must be carried by players. A track will be provided for clean-limbed young runners, for whom splendid prizes have been procured.

The Class Baby will be on exhibition.

There will be hot and cold running races open plumbing, and a Clam Bake from clams plucked on the premises.

And all free!