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In announcing a course in vocational guidance for next year the Summer School issues the following information about the course. Ten lectures will be given by Mr. Meyer Bloomfield, Director of the Vocational Bureau of Boston, on the duties and equipment of teachers as vocational counsellors and on the theory and practice of vocational guidance.

In view of the present demand for competent advice to young people concerning vocations appropriate to their opportunities and capacity, and because of the increased responsibility thus put upon school teachers and others, this course has been provided. The lectures will attempt to show the aims of the new movement, to describe what is now being done in various parts of the world, and to guide the students to a knowledge of sound principles in giving vocational counsel and to the best sources of the knowledge necessary for effective work.

Besides the lectures there will be conferences for informal discussion, regular reading will be expected of all who take the course, and an examination will be held.

The subjects of the lectures are: Elements in the Choice of a Vocation, the Necessity of Vocational Guidance as Observed in Various Countries, Vocational Guidance in the School System, the Duties and Equipment of the Vocational Counsellor, How to Study the Vocations, Vocational Guidance and the Problem of Employment, Foundations of Vocational Efficiency, the Employer's Point of View in Vocational Guidance, Social Gains through Vocational Guidance Summary of the Course and Cautions.

The course will be limited to fifty members. Students will be admitted in order of application to the Dean of the Summer School provided they have previously consulted the instructor. The course will not be counted for a degree.

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