Yale Baseball Schedule Announced

The Yale baseball team will play twenty-eight games this year, two more than were scheduled at this time last year. The dates for the games with the University are given as June 20, 23, and 28. A number of changes have been made in the schedule of 1910. The most important of these is the addition of games with Dartmouth and Cornell.

The schedule is announced as follows:

April 1.--New York University.

April 5.--Trinity College.

April 8.--New York Nationals at New York.


April 14.--Norfolk at Norfolk, Va.

April 15.--University of Virginia at Norfolk, Va.

April 17.--Dartmouth at Washington.

April 18.--Georgetown at Washington.

April 23.--Andover.

April 26.--Fordham.

April 29.--University of Pennsylvania.

May 3.--Holy Cross.

May 5.--University of Virginia.

May 6.--Columbia at New York.