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The gift of $25,000 which has been made to the Varsity Club in memory of Francis Hardon Burr '09 gives a different aspect to the plans for the new clubhouse, which is to be erected near or adjoining the Union. This sum should provide a building commodious and large enough to enable the club to fulfill amply all its purposes, with the best possible arrangements and furnishings for so doing. It is not announced just what agreement had been made with the trustees of the Union in regard to the erection of the new building, but whatever it was, this recent gift insures more prompt results and more generous facilities than would otherwise have been had.

It was a source of regret that the training tables should ever have been removed from the Union, but lack of space made this imperative. As athletics and the Union are the two institutions which are primarily open to all undergraduates, it seems fitting that they should emphasize this common quality by direct association of some sort.

It is extremely appropriate that the new building should take the form of a memorial to Burr, for as the first president of the Varsity Club he was largely responsible for its assumption of a useful and active position in connection with undergraduate athletics. The CRIMSON takes great pleasure in expressing to the donor of this most generous and timely gift the sincere and deserved gratitude of the undergraduate body.

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