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Poor Handling of Punts by Backfield.--Huntington Again in the Line-up.


The first secret practice of the season for the University football squad was held yesterday afternoon in the Stadium. For the first 40 minutes the whole squad listened to a blackboard talk in the Locker Building. When the men appeared on the field, Huntington had returned to his regular position at centre, displacing Storer. Felton and Morrison were kept away by afternoon work, their places being filled by Howard and Blackall, respectively. Gardner was on the field but his knee is still bothering him and it will be several weeks before he is in shape again. Until that time Freedley is the only substitute for Potter at the position of quarterback. T. Frothingham for the first time this year was on the field in football clothes but did not take part in the signal drill. Reynolds was used for a few minutes on Team B.

After considerable time spent on the explanation of new plays, Team A and Team B lined up for a period of fake scrimmage, chiefly for the benefit of the backs and ends. Then Potter, Reynolds, Blackall, and Milholland did some punting to the backs with the ends running down under the kicks. The distance of the punts was good in most instances, but the handling of the ball was very poor for this season of the year. Wendell and Campbell were the only members of the backfield who received the ball in sure style.

Departmental work for the linemen took place while the punting was going on. L. Withington, Jr., took charge of the tackles, while Paul Withington looked after the guards and centres, and Leo, Leary, the ends. Later the ends paired off and ran down under kicks, showing a tendency to run wide and avoid being blocked off by the interference as in Saturday's game. Then a set of backs from the second team came in and the ends were given practice in piercing interference.

A half hour of snappy signal practice followed in which the team was driven at top speed by Potter, nearly all the plays being tried.

Blackall has been taken to the first team training table.

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