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Tennis Entries Drawn Over


Owing to mistake made by the tennis management in leaving out the Freshman entries, the drawings for the singles matches in the fall tournament for the University tennis championship have been revised. The matches will begin on Jarvis Field this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The championship court will be reserved for the matches which promise to be the best in each round, and notice will be given in the CRIMSON as to who shall occupy this court.

Courts will be reserved and no charge will be made for their use. Balls, however, must be furnished by the contestants. The matches will be for the best two out of three sets, except in the semifinal and final rounds, in which the matches will be for the best three out of five. Matches must be played on the day scheduled or else defaulted, except in case of rain, when they will be played on the day following. Contestants may claim default if their opponents fail to appear within one-half hour of the scheduled time. Score cards have been placed in the CRIMSON Office, and the results of matches must be recorded by the winners each day. In case the result of any match is not posted by 7 o'clock in the evening of the day of the match, both contestants will be disqualified.

The following matches in the preliminary round will be played on Jarvis Field at 2: W. Wright '15 vs. T. Buel '13; C. Judson '14 vs. N. F. Davis 3L.; E. W. Brewer '14 vs. S. P. Speer '13; H. W. Josephs '15 vs. G. N. Richard '14; R. W. Stevenson '14 vs. H. C. Greene '14; V. Astor '15 vs. W. B. Harris '13; E. s. Harrington '13 vs. S. O. Shotter '14; F. J. Bassett '15 vs. M. F. Hale '14; H. A. Lawton '14 vs. J. F. Day 3L.

The following matches in the preliminary round will be played on Jarvis Field at 4: T. B. Lewis '13 vs. J. B. Cummings '13; W. A. Barron, Jr., '14 vs. W. W. Hobbs '15; S. H. Bowles 1G. vs. H. T. Deane '12; E. P. Pearson 3L. vs. A. Walter '14; D. Kimball '15 vs. H. G. Smith '13; R. E. McQuestin '12 vs. J. P. Gifford '14; a. H. Tomes '13 vs. J. D. Adams '13; W. S Howe '13 vs. M. A. Hofer '15; C. S. Hadley 3L. vs. H. H. Williams '13; H. W. Frost '14 vs. J. R. Pratt '12; O. H. Moore 5G. vs. C. H. Weston '14; E. H. Woods '14 vs. N. Golden 1G; C. S. Cutting '12. vs. O. Williams '14; R. V. White 3L. vs. W. Franzen '14; A. W. Rolfe '14 vs. W. A.P. Shea. '15; A. D. Douglas '14 vs. w. W. Whitney '15.

Entries for the University championship in doubles close tonight at 7 o'clock. Entries may be made by Seniors, Juniors and sophomores at Leavitt & Peirce's, by Freshmen at the Rendezvous.

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