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Singles and Doubles Today


The fourth round of the singles and the remainder of the preliminary round of the doubles will be played off this afternoon on Jarvis Field. The championship court will be reserved today for the match between A. M. Hyde '12 and E. P. Pearson 3L.

The following matches in singles will be played on Jarvis Field at 2.30 o'clock: G. Sturgis '13 vs. W. C. Codman '12, L. I. Grinnell '12 vs. H. S. McKee '13, H. H. Bundy 1L. vs. T. J. D. Fuller '15, H. C. Place '14 vs. W. W. Whitney '15, E. P. Pearson 3L. vs. A. M. Hyde '12, E. H. Wiswall '14 vs. e. T. Dana 3G.

On Jarvis Field at 4: C. S. Cutting '12 vs. J. C. Devereux '14, C. S. Hadley 3L. vs. A. H. Tomes '13, G. M. Gates '15 vs. R. Tunis '13, P. Roberts 1L. vs. F. A. Keep '15, E. H. Whitney '14 vs. A. Baltzly '12, F. C. Haymond 2L. vs. C. J. North '14, C. Toppan 3L. vs. J. A. Locke 3L., P. L. Cable '14 vs. G. L. Clark Asst.

The following matches in doubles will be played on Jarvis Field at 2.30: G. M. Gates '15 and J. P. Gifford '14 vs. Q. A. S. McKean '13 and a. H. Tomes '13, F. Pearson 1D and partner vs. F. C. Haymond 2L. and partner, E. H. Woods '14 and W. M. Washburn '15, vs. T. Buel '13 and B. B. Locke '13, G. A. Richards '15 and H. Wainwright '15 vs. G. E. Stephenson 2L. and partner, G. B. Kayser '14 and J. C. Devereux '14 vs. H. E. Howard 3L. and E. A. Howard 1G., N. Golden 1L. and R. A. Newman '14 vs. C. S. Cutting '12 and E. M. Pickman 3L.

On Jarvis Field at 4: W. C. Codman '12 and F. O. French '12 vs. G. W. Miller '12 and H. H. Williams '13, L. I. Grinnell '12 and J. R. Pratt '12 vs. H. Pettus '12 and F. R. Mead '12, H. H. Bundy 1L and J. r. McLane 3L. vs. H. G. Smith '13 and T. B. Lewis '13, F. Cutting 3G. and E. P. Pearson 3L. vs. J. F. Day 3L. and R. V. White 3L., E. T. Dana 3G. and A. J. Lowrey '13 vs. S. Minot '13 and G. Sturgis '13, A. M. Hyde '12 and F. C. Gray '12 vs. E. S. Harrington '13 and C. J. Norton '14.

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